Anishkah, the artistic soul behind Journey Boheme. Journey Boheme transcends any limitations of whats considered normal. It is all over the place and I want to inspire others to learn that is okay. When we serve one another, we channel the loving and supportive energies that flow through us out into the world, and these things are what I thrive for. I want to share that vision and empower other people who are like me to be confident, creative and fierce. I am a creatress, with a strong passion for anything art related. I only hope to inspire by sharing my love for all things bohemian, women empowerment, spirituality, travel. beauty, hair, and self-fashioning. 

My deep love for anything vintage has such a profound influence on my creative nature. I get a rush every time I step foot inside a boutique and enjoy getting lost in time. Accessories are a staple for me and I want to share my love for tribal, Boho, gypsy Adornments. Each piece is hand made and packaged with the subtle energy of earths minerals. 

Ive taken a back seat with my freelance agency in NYC to put all of my energy into Journey Boheme. My style is very eclectic and my art isn't one dimensional. Im excited to share my mix match persona of merging spirituality, vintage adornment, and my personal journey with you all.