Barefoot in Bali

My experience in Bali has been mostly internal but I have about 5 pages in my journal Im deciding to keep sacred. 

The night we arrived was really dark and the colors from the lights were really vibrant and vivid. The next morning is when I was able to see all of the small offerings around the village. That day was a ceremony and everyone was dressed up in traditional wear, That is when I realized the people have more holy days than there are days in the year. There are temples everywhere and everyone is in a collective state of gratitude and love. Yesterday was a day to honor 'metal' so all the cars and motorbikes were adorned with offerings and today was a day to honor having food, tourism, and having a good year for everyone. It hit me, I am so honored to be here, to be with them celebrating, and I applied that in my life in that exact moment. This is what I've prepared for, not just Bali, but the space to be aligned in my awareness and openness.  

We finally reached our Bamboo treehouse village. The first thing that came to mind, was I felt like I was in the movie Avatar or Fern Gully. The serene sound of The River and the right in the middle of the rain forest. I wanted to pinch myself. I am overwhelmed with so much joy and a sense of comfort in the massive treehouse with all of nature and all of its habitat. I wanted to shower and get in bed immediately just to fall asleep to the forest music. 

Having my fiancé, my best friends and my younger sister with me, really was the biggest blessing of all of this. I am traveling the world with the love of my life. Except I had a writers block to write this whole thing down. I guess I am a bit more on the experience in the moment side. The excitement I felt driving in to Ubud, had me up all night. Im still lost for words with how beautiful this place is. We stayed on a rice field in this really beauty oasis over looking so much greenery and mountains. Gaia!

My time in Ubud could have been even longer. I could have stayed to check out more museums more art. I could have explored bigger temples even farther away. I could have done some more shopping, climbed a volcano, or taken a yoga class, but I had to go and I needed to allow this experience to continue for next time. I fell in love, I shed and I received the spiritual reality check that was needed for me. Refreshed and ready to thrive. 

Bali was one of those things I had to take in spiritually and can only be somewhat expressed through my photos, which are in my Photo Journal. It has taken me some time to accept that I don't have this elaborate detailed, wordy, cliche blog post of my trip. I let go, and I needed that time to just be still. Bali has taught me the true meaning of being free, vibrating higher, gratitude, love, and self-acceptance. Everything was inspiration and the amount of creativity was in abundance. Thank you for opening my eyes and allowing complete stillness. Im keeping the rest of my experience within.