Honey And Moon


Nomads for a moment

3 Countries 11 Days

Part 1

I Married my best friend, two souls, two journeys consciously aligned, and full of love.

We started our vacation off with Jet lag. despite the slow vibe we felt. We got dressed and put ourselves present. As we both walked outside, This super-eminent feeling came over me as the warm breeze and sun-rays touched my tanned skin. That water of weird energy and vibes were starting to blow away.  I embraced love, and this moment. We're in Africa. Pure Isness.

Instantly Im galvanized by the vivid labyrinth tiled patterns. I can never get tired of admiring moroccan mosaic tile, The calling for prayer 5 times a day over the strong speakers. The sound brought me to tears every time I heard It. Moroccans honor Their Traditions and treat one another as equals. They just give and during Ramadan I witnessed that amongst the people. That state of gratitude and patience is projected all over the city of Marrakech. I had a little anxiety towards the end of our 5 day stay in Morocco because I didn't know what to expect from Egypt, our next stop. 

We arrive and only have 1 day and a half to see The Great Pyramids of Giza and the little bit of Cairo we can squeeze In.The political revolutionary aftermath will take a lot of rebuilding by the Egyptians. Cairo is a city with old ancient history and modest beauty. Im grateful for the visit because despite my reservations, Carlos really pushed for us to go and see for ourselves. Our airport experience wasn't pleasant leaving Cairo, but the of getting to Madrid, gave us some light. 

I missed being in Europe more than I thought. Madrid had this sexy slow cool vibe. The weather was right, It was clean, and the people were so beautiful. My highlight was watching a traditional Flamenco dance by Spanish Gypsies. I am charged and full of inspiration. Our trip opened up a lot of reflective and inner awareness that was needed for the both of us. It brought us closer, and we laughed the entire trip ( despite a couple moments of getting on each others nerves lol ). Traveling with my best friend and now husband, is a whole different dynamic. So much excitement I felt leading up. I cannot wait for our next adventure. Thank You Carlos, you're the best travel partner ever.