Le Struggle

 Awaken to beauty

Awaken to beauty

Can I be raw right now?

Im sharing my true thoughts, and the way I pull myself out of those dark moments. Everyday when I look in the mirror I silently struggle to find something nice to say about the way I look with my natural hair. I have so many battles internally about my hair and how it makes me look or how I think I look. A persons perception is their own. On the surface I tell myself that Im beautiful and to just be patient. Even that is some bullshit. I get anxiety Just making a decision to go run errands, getting coffee, answering the door for USPS or for the food delivery guy, without second guessing putting on a hat. Yet, Im challenging myself to go through this journey. 

My hair does not define who I am, nor my external beauty. blah blah! If Im to be completely honest here, I have to cut the bullshit and not write some cliche post about my hair journey, I am natural, hear me roar.

I struggle with self-acceptance. I try so hard to uplift and empower other women, and yet Im the biggest hypocrite of them all. This is deeper than my hair and I know that. I just never realized how many women pride themselves on hair so much.

I do however trust my process and I know this is all happening at he pace it is meant to be, for me. It is a self-reflection In my own personal journey to get free. To really embody the power of "I AM". The confidence in that right there is what is giving me the little bit of light along the way.  I believe creating wigs for women like me fell in to my lap for a reason too. Im tired of seeing all of these over tressed wigs, that look like they came right out the box, and not a curl out of place. That is not realistic.  Neither is a wig but I'm channeling the women who want the natural look, while they are going through the same process as I. That is the advantage I have, Im in it with them. I understand natural hair in totality. 

As a natural hairstylist who also is on her natural hair journey, I understand the process that a woman can endure during this profound journey. So I create protective styles that reflect our natural hair in the many stages, different colors, styles and curl patterns.

Wearing a crown that resembles the hair goal you are achieving is only exuding inspiration to stay the course and to be easy on yourself without the self-sabotaging stages we go through as women with natural hair. That process is the only way to self-acceptance and self-love. Protective styling but with a creative edge. Game Changer! Getting Free!